6 Kinds Of Pearl Necklaces You Can Choose From

Pearl Necklaces

Whoever said that you couldn’t buy happiness has not experienced owning and wearing pearls. All jokes aside, these charming, polished and superb jewels genuinely are a source of extra happiness for women. They have the power to bring out the magnificence in any stylish lady and are an absolute pleasure to wear. By visiting a reputable online shop like Pearls Only, you have the chance to buy a pearl necklace cheap, as well as pearl bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants or sets at some of the best prices. If you want to stock up on a bit of know-how before choosing the piece of your dreams, discover the 6 kinds of pearl necklace you can choose from below.


Collars, as their name would suggest, are some of the shortest pearl necklaces you can purchase, but that does not make them any less valuable or glamorous. You can tell if a pearl necklace is a collar if it falls directly on your throat area, without going any lower towards the neck. Usually, pearl collars are made with several strings of pearls and are anywhere between ten and thirteen inches. To get a better idea of what a pearl collar looks like, you can research photos of the late Princess Diana and her pieces.


Speaking of Princess Diana, you know her iconic sapphire and pearl necklace? That is the perfect example of what a luxurious pearl choker can look like. As opposed to collars, pearl chokes are a bit longer, at fourteen to sixteen inches, and they fall a bit lower, just above your collar bones. At Pearls Only, you can find multiple pearl chokers, such as a single necklace with freshwater pearls or a white pearl choker with premium Japanese Akoya pearls.


Pearl necklaces that are classified as “princess length” usually measure between seventeen and nineteen inches and they fall lower than chokers, below your collarbone. Princess length necklaces express exactly what their name would: royalty, nobility and grace. You can find quite a few options for this type of pearl necklace at the online shop we mentioned above.


A pearl necklace that lightly sits above your breasts is known as a “matinee length” pearl necklace. The matinee length pearl necklace is usually between twenty to twenty-four inches long. This is a simple, yet elegant choice for a formal gown.


The second longest type of pearl necklace available for purchase is known as the opera length necklace. This pearl necklace gets much longer than the varieties described above, starting from twenty-eight inches and reaching thirty-five inches. This means that your opera length necklace will reach the area of your sternum, falling gently over your breasts.


The longest variety of pearl necklaces is also known as pearl ropes. They can be longer than even forty-five inches and are sometimes worn by being wrapped twice around the neck.  Pearl ropes can be easily mixed and matched with different types of outfits.