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How to Find the Best Hair Salon

Taking care of your hair is obviously very important, and you will want to make sure that you go to a reputable hair salon to get your hair styled and cut. There are plenty of hair salons in Fulham, so it’s important that you check their website and go through a few reviews to ensure that the barbers at the salon are experienced and know what they are doing. Depending on the length of your hair, a number of hair styles can be chosen, such as:

  • The classic afro
  • Braids
  • Cross-weave

A good afro can really bring your personality out. But, if you are looking for a decent afro hair salon in Fulham, it’s important that you do your due diligence and narrow down your options. Here are a few tips to help you find the best hair salon.

Check Their Website

The best way to narrow down your options is to check the hair salon’s website. It will give you a better idea about the kind of hair styles they are able to do and also give you a better idea about the qualifications and experience of their hairdressers. Keep in mind that afros don’t come inexpensive, so a good hair salon is going to charge a decent amount of money.

Ask for References

Do you know someone in your social circle who recently had an afro haircut? You might want to get in touch with them and ask them where they got it from. Getting a few references will reassure you that your hairstyle will not be a botched job!

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6 Kinds Of Pearl Necklaces You Can Choose From

Whoever said that you couldn’t buy happiness has not experienced owning and wearing pearls. All jokes aside, these charming, polished and superb jewels genuinely are a source of extra happiness for women. They have the power to bring out the magnificence in any stylish lady and are an absolute pleasure to wear. By visiting a reputable online shop like Pearls Only, you have the chance to buy a pearl necklace cheap, as well as pearl bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants or sets at some of the best prices. If you want to stock up on a bit of know-how before choosing the piece of your dreams, discover the 6 kinds of pearl necklace you can choose from below.


Collars, as their name would suggest, are some of the shortest pearl necklaces you can purchase, but that does not make them any less valuable or glamorous. You can tell if a pearl necklace is a collar if it falls directly on your throat area, without going any lower towards the neck. Usually, pearl collars are made with several strings of pearls and are anywhere between ten and thirteen inches. To get a better idea of what a pearl collar looks like, you can research photos of the late Princess Diana and her pieces.


Speaking of Princess Diana, you know her iconic sapphire and pearl necklace? That is the perfect example of what a luxurious pearl choker can look like. As opposed to collars, pearl chokes are a bit longer, at fourteen to sixteen inches, and they fall a bit lower, just above your collar bones. At Pearls Only, you can find multiple pearl chokers, such as a single necklace with freshwater pearls or a white pearl choker with premium Japanese Akoya pearls.


Pearl necklaces that are classified as “princess length” usually measure between seventeen and nineteen inches and they fall lower than chokers, below your collarbone. Princess length necklaces express exactly what their name would: royalty, nobility and grace. You can find quite a few options for this type of pearl necklace at the online shop we mentioned above.


A pearl necklace that lightly sits above your breasts is known as a “matinee length” pearl necklace. The matinee length pearl necklace is usually between twenty to twenty-four inches long. This is a simple, yet elegant choice for a formal gown.


The second longest type of pearl necklace available for purchase is known as the opera length necklace. This pearl necklace gets much longer than the varieties described above, starting from twenty-eight inches and reaching thirty-five inches. This means that your opera length necklace will reach the area of your sternum, falling gently over your breasts.


The longest variety of pearl necklaces is also known as pearl ropes. They can be longer than even forty-five inches and are sometimes worn by being wrapped twice around the neck. Pearl ropes can be easily mixed and matched with different types of outfits.

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Buy Wedding Jewellery Online At Affordable Rates

Jewellery has become fashionable and there are lots of options of jewellery in the market. Diamond, silver and gold jewellery are the most prized possession of the modern women. If you are looking for the wedding jewellery then you can buy it from the wholesale jewellery supplier, who provides jewellery at cheaper rates without compromising on the quanlity.

Wedding jewellery designs

In the weddings, jewellery is the important concern after the outfit. This is the reason why brides carry out extensive research about the kind of jewellery that they should wear. Wedding jewellery are special masterpieces and generally more heavy than the other types of jewellery. They are elegant to be adorned by the beautiful brides. Wedding jewellery sets are made of gold, silver, alloy. The wedding jewellery sets are intricately handcrafted. When you start shopping for the wedding jewellery, you should ensure that jewellery should match with your wedding dress and personality. It will help you to look stunning on your wedding day.

Fashion wedding jewellery

With the increasing demand of the jewellery in market, there are many suppliers who are offering the jewellery at the wholesale rates to their customers. They have listed the beautiful designer and customized jewellery on their online stores.

When you look at the modern trend of fashion jewellery, you will find that fashionable jewellery is the modern trend. Fashionable jewellery includes designer necklace, bangles, anklets, ring, earring and many more.

When you purchase online, the jewellery sets or individual ornaments, you will get huge collection of the jewellery designs. Thus, the online jewellery store offers you opportunity to select from the wide range of jewellery designs. If you are buying jewellery online, the online stores enable you to get the jewellery at the wholesale supplier rate. Thus, the customer saves lots of money on buying jewellery.

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Unique And Beautiful Beads To Allure You

There have been all kinds of beads to choose from in the current times. They have been very much similar to any colour, shape and size that you could think of could be found and bought to suit your needs. Out of all the beads available, Rulla Beads have been one of the most popular. Numerous jewelry makers have been purchasing glass type of beads for years to make their jewelry. Others make use of beads to decorate with. Actually, a strand of beads has been known to beat the old strand of popcorn round the tree any given day of the week. Making bead jewelry has been around for centuries. However, the art has not changed much over the years. Although, there have been tools made available that make the art of making beads more safe. The process itself has been still the same.

What you should know when buying glass beads

When buying glass beads, you should remember there have been several different kinds. There is a blown glass, paste of glass or pate de verre, which has been similar to cast glass. You could add more to that list. There has also been lamp work glass or used glass available in the market. The blown glass has been made as the name suggests. The glass would be formed at the end of the pipe and air is blown into it to create the desired shape. The cast glass has been made with a mould. The glass would take the shape of whatever mould it has been placed into. The fused glass has been an old kind of glass bead making. The glass would be stacked upon each other and fused into preferred size and shape. The lamp work glass would be made by shaping glass on a metal rod. Henceforth, the other glass would be added to include the preferred colour to the beads.

All these beads have been beautiful and unique in their own ways.

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Own A Lovely Pencil Dress

If you’re looking for a dress that is not too conventional or excessively grandiose yet looks elegant and beautiful, the pencil dress is your best bet. These dresses are the new rage when it comes to contemporary day and night wears for women. The best part is that these dresses are hugely versatile. They can be worn to all the parties and clubs you want along with being the perfect companions for those relaxed brunches with family, casual outings with friends or the hubby and also to the office in some cases. This is why women now prefer these flexible, comfortable and attractive dresses which are anyway easier to manage. This is why these dresses now occupy pride of place in the wardrobes of contemporary women. Our collection gives you the perfect blend of head dropping style, jaw dropping comfort and unmatched elegance.

There are lots of options in store if you want a quality pencil dress. We offer several beautifully designed dresses for today’s women including the stylish Middleton Dress which can be worn to formal events and parties alike. You should also check out the Adriana Dress which is gorgeous, charming and supremely cute at the same time. The hot selling denim ballet dress is a tribute to innovation and unbridled creativity. This dress makes you look hot yet cute and can be worn to all casual outings with elan. The delirious dress lives up to its name by being a red carpet scorcher and is a glamorous bet for special events. You will also fall in with the Levine and Carol Pencil dresses which are good options for evenings out. For wearing to work, you can count on the supremely elegant Ivory Adriana Dress and Coral Peplum Dress. The Anfield Dress is for when you’re feeling playful!

Other exciting options include the Back to Lace Dress, Sugar and Spice Mint Dress and the Pink Bow & Back Dress. You can select your pencil dress from several styles like denim, cut outs, sheer, lace and crochet, basic fashion styles, frills & bows and many more. From minimalistic yet sophisticated styles to something more dashing and glamorous, we have all the options lined up for you here. Our dresses are versatile, super comfortable and will make you a head-turner no matter wherever you go! Log on and check out our diverse and tempting collection now!

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Natural And Powerful Ingredients Of Younique 3D+ Mascara That Gives You Glamorous Extensions

Younique 3d+ mascara has become an important part of the beauty kit of women across United States and around the globe with its quality of eyelash extension. When compared with a normal mascara, the fiber lash can help you to get thicker and longer eyelashes that improve your looks and appearance. To put it in simple words, it has come up as a substitute of eyelash extension therapy that is painful and at the same time quite harmful to your eyes as well. Here are some of the features of these fibre lashes that makes them one of the best in the market:

  • The transplanting gel that is used in mascara contains several quality ingredients that are rich in the oxide content and thus helps in the immense growth of your lashes in a more natural manner.
  • It also contains Beeswax that is prepared by the bees and has got some anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties which prevents your lashes from any kind of side-effects. Many of you mull over the fact that the eye-lash extension lose its quality when exposed to the allergic elements but this property helps in avoiding any such scenario. It also has anti-inflammatory property that removes any kind of pain or itching in the lashes after the application of the mascara.
  • It also contains the Stearic acids that helps in softening the eyelashes and thus making it more convenient for you to open and close your eyes. When the lashes are hard, the blinking of eye is not that easy thus it can be a bit problematic and painful for you at the same time.
  • 3-D eyelashes also contain the Iron oxide that helps in achieving the naturally black color of the eyelashes that you all vie for with ease to complement your looks.
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Want To Look Classy – Try Stylish Jewelry

If you are passionate about fashion then you must try stylish jewelry to complete your joy. Different types of jewelries are designed according to different types of outfits. Modern style dresses look beautiful with simple and elegant jewelry whereas traditional and occasional outfits require heavy and designer jewelry. Price of jewelry depends upon its design and metal. Diamond jewelries are the most expensive and beautiful. Gold and silver jewelry are preferably worn for special occasions. If you want to dress up in style, you can go for elegant and classy jewelry.You can try Stella and dot jewelry. There you can get a variety of the latest designer jewelries.

Get the best from Stella and Dot

Stella and Dot introduce you to the world of versatility. Different designs of necklaces, charms and engravables, watches, bracelets, rings, earrings are available on Stella and Dot shop. You need not to go anywhere else just the online store and buy whatever you want. You can get different styles of jewelry like fashion jewelry, traditional jewelry, lucky charms etc. In addition, you can also get additional accessories like hand bags etc.

You can get the stylist’s advice while buying the item. You can be the stylist too and promote your designs among your friends and different people with the site. In this way you can be the part of Stella and Dot to earn extra income.

Join Stella and Dot and introduce yourself to the world of fashion. Every product you purchase from Stella and Dot supports a woman in her business. You can buy boutique items as well as designer bags and accessories from Stella and Dot. You can buy elegant gifts for your friends also. Scarves and travel accessories are also available. As per your choice, you can buy whatever you want.

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Wholesale Dropship Fashion Clothing Helps To Enhance Your Garments Business

In the drop shipping clothing business, choosing which product you intend to dropship, has been deemed of great importance. It would tell whether your business would prosper in the online marketing realm or not. Your online business couldflourish in this complicated marketing industry,provided you have chosen the correct product to sell. Huge number of people should support the product. Consequently, you would be able to generate huge amount of profits.

Find a reputable online fashion dropshipper

To identify which product couldprovide you with the most productive sales, you would be required to perform online research. While researching on which product has been profitablein the present times, you might be able to find out that a majority of people have been searching for something that could be used in their everyday living. Having this notion, you would most likely think about the necessities of people. Apart from food, wholesale dropship clothinghas been next to top priority of consumers. You could choose clothing as your promotional product to gaindefinite earnings.

Drop shipping, a popular phenomenon!

Given the fact that a majority of peoplehave beenon the lookoutfor fashionable clothing most of the time, several other entrepreneurs are already awareof it and might be endorsing it ahead of you. In such as scenario, such entrepreneurs who have been selling similar merchandise would be known as competition. You cannot help it, as companies that dropship has become widely popular in the present times. However, you would be required to make your business stupendous among them.

Creative business strategy for online retailers

You have to be more creative in your business strategy. Instead of selling common clothes, you should opt fordropship fashion clothing line. As the clothing trend has been changing continuously, making your business updatedwould cater you with an opportunity to be distinguished among several other apparel dropshippers.

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Meet These 4 Eternal Dresses

When one talks about style one, inevitably, gets stuck in a variety of definitions and variations of it; from modern to vintage, eccentric to modest, fashion expressions vary and tend to reflect a person’s individual power of association, which is why discussing it in a broader sense doesn’t really hold much water.

However, what the majority of people tend to agree upon that certain pieces are timeless and that their charm will last forever. A few of such pieces are dresses that we all oh-so-dearly melt over.

Here are the dresses referred to in the lines above:

Crinoline – You’ll never see anyone wear it these days, but the Crinoline cut will forever hold a special place in our collective fashion consciousness. Sure, there were attempts of the esteemed designers like Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano to revisit the crinoline and give it a modern spin by cutting it short or changing its usual color, however – nothing ever compared to the original design.
Mostly worn during the Victorian era with the corsets that emphasized the hourglass shape, the Crinoline will forever stand against the winds of time and remind of the subtle romance, harmony and that feminine exuberance that’s rarely ever seen today.

LBD (Little black dress) –There is no woman on this planet who doesn’t have one in her wardrobe, or at least a variation of it.

When Coco Chanel came up with the design in the late 1920s, the dress itself was a real boom for the current period in time and it was more of a liberation statement than a utility piece, although it quickly became evident that the LBD will remain forever.

Given the post-waratmosphere, the youth felt it was about time they abandoned their former beliefs and embraced the renewed life upon them.This social change rapidly seeped into all pores of life and therefore affected the fashion industry which, consequently, gave life to the LBD. From the constrained cuts that covered women from neck to feet to the liberated, short and light designs (that very much imitated this post-war sentiment of the young generations), this was the right time for Coco’s vision to come to life.

Given its versatility and affordability as well as its chic design and the initial neutrality of color (that, to this day, has remained intact), an LBD is still every woman’s favorite piece of clothing, and long may be so.

Cocktail dress – There’s nothing about a cocktail dress that you may not love. Sleek, elegant and suitable for virtually any formal occasion, a cocktail dress is often considered a variation of the LBD, although with a liking for color and pattern. From body-con to flowy, cocktail dresses are knee-length and can vary in style and design, depending on the person’s individual taste. Anyhow, they are perfect for almost all occasions.

The Mini – Mid-thigh level, provoking, daring and bold, the miniskirt is that one piece of clothing every girl hopes to wear but not every girl knows how!. For the mini to look flawless, thin, long legs are a requirement and a somewhat slim, banana build is desired.

The mini started increasing in popularity (or came to life?) back in 1950s with Mary Quant’s designs that left little to the imagination (i.e. the mini is only 10 cm long). While Quant is ambivalent about the claim that she invented the miniskirt, it is evident that it was at about this time that everyone started rocking it. Quant often states that if anyone is to be given credit for the invention of the mini it’s her customers as they requested for the shorter hemlines for their skirts, much like those Quant privately had worn.

Accessory Brands

The Fast Moving Streetwear Scene

It seems weird, but we are already halfway through the summer of 2016, and, for the streetwear scene, it has already been an interesting season. Most of the brands out there have changed direction a bit, this year, with smarter clothes like shirts and pants finding their way into their ranges. This includes brand leaders like Brixton Clothing UK, who have taken themselves in a new direction for 2016.

Interestingly, despite predictions to the contrary, a marketing move that has worked out really well. Modern consumers still want the baseball cap, big t-shirts, trainers and logo look, but they also like to mix things up a bit more. The watchword for most of today’s streetwear brands is definitely choice.

Fashion trends move faster than ever before

The fact that both fashion and music trends are moving faster than they have ever before is what has driven the need for streetwear brands to diversify their ranges so much. In all parts of the world, what was hot last month is forgotten this month.

The growing role of social media in streetwear trendsetting

The emergence of social media has produced cycles within cycles, with people in different cities, stepping outside of the trend and putting together their own looks. This look is then shared on social media, and is then taken up by pockets of people elsewhere in the world. At the same time, the original trendsetters are busy switching to an entirely different style, and starting a new cycle of change.

This habit means that people need choice when they go shopping for clothes. If a streetwear brand only offers one look, their appeal to modern consumers is too limited and short lived. As a result, in most 2016 lookbooks you will find everything from classic Nike trainers to old-fashioned flat caps and fedoras.

The fact that there is so much choice makes this an interesting time to be a streetwear fan and wearer. It means you are never short of something new to try and wear.