Barbara Victoria Montalvo – The Need to Understand the Voice and Style of Your Fashion Brand

Barbara Victoria Montalvo

If you have a fashion blog and are looking for ways and means to establish your brand to the targeted audience, you must ensure that you use the right style and voice to reach out to them first. The products that you offer as well as the demographics of your targeted audience, will determine the voice of your brand online. You should think about the brand to be an individual and consider the kind of language the person would have used to share things and products online. You need to dig deeper and describe this individual with respect to personality, interests, age, and gender.

Barbara Victoria Montalvo – Communicate correctly with your brand

Barbara Victoria Montalvo is a fashion blogger from New York. She is known for her high-end and street style fashion collection that she shares with her followers daily on her blog. She says that when it comes to your targeted audience, you should use the right tone. The right tone will connect your brand to them. For instance, if you have a young crowd, you can use a tone that is funny and casual, however, if you have a slightly older audience, it makes sense to deploy a tone that is serious and formal.

The importance of language and tone when it comes to emotions

The next step is to focus on the language that you wish to use on your blog or social media platforms. If you have a brand that again is young and hip, you can get use some specific jargon. However, if you cater to a professional niche, it makes sense to reach out to your targeted audience with a language-rich with industry-specific terms. This helps in promoting the professionalism of your brand that your targeted audience might seek.

Your brand should be treated as a person

There are times when you need to dump the corporate lingo and converse with your targeted audience as if you are talking to your friend or neighbor. The trick here is to treat the brand as a human being so that you can create a personal touch with your targeted audience. The audience should be able to relate to your brand, and this can be done by talking to them normally.

Barbara Victoria Montalvo says that when you choose the language and the tone of your brand, it should invoke deep levels of confidence and trust. Two- way communication is in, and broadcasting is out. People need time to trust and relate to a brand. This begins with compelling content via text, image, and video. A successful tip is to engage your customers in a brand story that helps them engage with you. Some fashion brands share stories of what they do for the lesser privileged members of society and how you, as a customer, can contribute to their well-being by buying products. In this way, your brand effectively speaks, and this does go the extra mile in establishing its presence in the market.