Best Treatments for a Fuller Butt

Treatments for a Fuller Butt

You’ve probably noticed that curvature and body contour has become a big trend in recent years. Lifting and sculpting the butt is a big deal for a lot of people. But nature doesn’t always work in our favor. This is the unfortunate truth. Many people are born without the beauty of natural and healthy body contour and curvature.

And while there is also beauty to be found in a less curvy body, many people still choose to obtain it through a variety of means. Some people choose the natural method of exercising and paying close attention to their nutrition. This is probably the best way of doing things if you have the time for it. But as you probably already know, exercise takes a very long time and not everyone has the open schedule and the daily energy it takes to go to the gym or wake up early in the morning to jog. Similarly, not everyone is capable of dieting, due to time constraints or even health-related reasons.

So when natural methods can’t get the job done, there’s always science and medicine waiting to lend a hand. And this is where two somewhat similar but very different in nature procedures come in: the BBL and Sculptra butt lift, both of which specialize in buttocks toning and sculpting.

Which one is more suitable for you and what advantages do these two have?

Brazilian Butt Lift

Now first and foremost: no, the name of this procedure doesn’t have much to do with the nation of Brazil or its inhabitants. In fact, the only connection it does have to the country is that there was a fat transfer treatment performed on American television and the person being treated happened to have been from Brazil.

But they could have been from literally anywhere else in the world and they still would have seen some amazing results following the treatment. The treatment successfully transferred excess fat from less desirable areas and put it back into places where it’s a lot more appreciated; specifically the butt.

And when I say fat transfer, I quite literally mean fat transfer. Fat is generally a very important part of your body. You need it to store your energy and without it, you simply wouldn’t be able to function. But too much fat in certain areas can be more obstructive than good and it can cause a lot of discomfort, both physical and mental.

Many people complain about feeling self-conscious when they see how certain parts of their body ooze with fat buildup. While there are tons of people who are able to accept themselves for how they look, which is a phenomenal feat, many people simply can’t live with a double chin or big love handles.

This is the kind of fat you can live without and it’s also aesthetically pleasing for many people to get rid of it. The fat clumps are extracted from various areas of your body, anywhere from the tummy, hips, and back to thighs. So, you can get a pretty good amount of fat transfer.

Once the fat is extracted, it is then transferred to your buttocks, where it can serve a much more useful purpose of accentuating the curvature of your body. That’s the best part about this treatment: it works on two fronts. It first gets rid of unnecessary fat but instead of just wasting it, it puts that fat to good use and tones your body, adding a bit of extra robustness to the posterior.

A great treatment for not just getting that beautifully round and curvy butt, but for getting rid of some extra fat on the side and transferring it to a part of the body where you’ll appreciate it more.

Sculptra Butt Lift

The Sculptra butt lift is a very specialized treatment. It’s specialty, as the name implies, is to give a better shape to your butt and lift it up, causing it to look more attractive.

Every part of our body has a very distinct shape with its own set of contours and edges, from the face right down to your legs. As does the posterior, which like the face, has its own type of volume that can be depleted over time. Volume is the shape of any part of the body that gives it extra character, as well as that firmness that comes with young, supple skin.

But as years go by, skin gets naturally saggy and a lot of volume is lost. And not just on the face; on pretty much most of the body. So, this is where the Sculptra compound comes in. Similar to dermal fillers’ ability to restore volume and shape the face, the Sculptra butt lift can do the same for the buttocks. And butts aren’t just about being big and round. There are distinct shapes that need to be taken into account in order to make the posterior look as naturally big as possible. You don’t want to simply inject it with some compound and watch as it just gets bigger.

You need to preserve its distinct shape and structure, which makes it look so much more naturally firm. And no other compound can accomplish this better than Sculptra, thanks to the smart engineering that went into creating the compound itself.

And Where to Look

If you live in a big city, chances are you can find a ton of different clinics which will have these two treatments on their roster. Considering the major trend in having a full butt, it’s no secret that many people opt for cosmetic procedures to give them the buttocks that nature didn’t.

And if you live in NYC, then you’re in luck because you can go straight to the heart of Manhattan to the MiracleFace MedSpa and experience top-tier cosmetic treatment with their Ivy-League trained professionals.

Their work ethic is no joke, as countless clients on the internet can prove to you with their positive testimonials. And with Sculptra butt lift being one of their big treatments at the moment, you can find some amazing deals by just taking a minute or two to visit their website.