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Beach Hair Don’t Care With Bumble And Bumble

Beach waves is the most popular hairstyles not only for the summer parties, but also for everyday life and any season. It fits everyone, and looks great on hair of any length. This styling creates a light look and does not give an impression that you spent three hours in front of the mirror trying to style your curls.

You can create beach waves by yourself at home. It is easy styling. For it you need only 10-15 minutes of spare time and a few styling tools. Bumble and Bumble brand is well known for its lightweight styling products for creating beachy hairstyles.

Bumble and Bumble Prep Primer

Would you like your styling to last longer than usual without weighing the hair down and making it greasy? Then Bumble and Bumble Prep Primer comes to rescue. The product is rich in nutrients and also has a low PH level. These factors prepare hair for styling, making it smoother and more manageable.

Prep Primer is full of herbs and vitamins. Its rich elixir refreshes hair quickly. Great for a natural look, it enhances styling products and conditioning hair and soothes the scalp at the same time.

Use Bumble and Bumble Prep before basic styling for perfect results, or as a finnish for a natural styling effect. Spray the product evenly onto clean, damp hair, distributing it over the entire length and style your hair as usual.

Bumble and bumble Don’t Blow It Hair Styler

Often fine hair could become lifeless after styling or look greasy if you put too much styling products. So you should be very careful with picking stylers for fine hair.

Don’t Blow It Hair Styler is an advanced styling cream for fine to medium hair. It contains polymers and plant extracts to strengthen and thicken hair. With this cream you will be able to create light, soft and natural beach waves. It leaves hair well-groomed without the need for hot styling. Its formula has effective filters to protect hair from UV rays, which is really helpful in summer. This styler will help you to maintain beautiful and healthy hair.

Apply Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It Hair Styler to towel-dried hair and let it dry naturally.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

With this styling tool you will be able to create a beautiful beach look. The product is created for all hair types: straight, wavy, and curly. The spray is based on sea salt, so you get flawless volume, matte finish, and tousled strands. Coconut water and sunscreens protect the hair from aggressive UV rays, keep the curls soft, and moisturise the inside of the hair.

Beach styling is a trend that has been at the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry for many years. And Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray will help you to achieve this hairstyle without visiting the salon.

Our hair saviours are the Bumble and Bumble trio! Take good care of your hair with Bumble and Bumble!

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With love and care for your hair Utiee beauty store!

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Best Treatments for a Fuller Butt

You’ve probably noticed that curvature and body contour has become a big trend in recent years. Lifting and sculpting the butt is a big deal for a lot of people. But nature doesn’t always work in our favor. This is the unfortunate truth. Many people are born without the beauty of natural and healthy body contour and curvature.

And while there is also beauty to be found in a less curvy body, many people still choose to obtain it through a variety of means. Some people choose the natural method of exercising and paying close attention to their nutrition. This is probably the best way of doing things if you have the time for it. But as you probably already know, exercise takes a very long time and not everyone has the open schedule and the daily energy it takes to go to the gym or wake up early in the morning to jog. Similarly, not everyone is capable of dieting, due to time constraints or even health-related reasons.

So when natural methods can’t get the job done, there’s always science and medicine waiting to lend a hand. And this is where two somewhat similar but very different in nature procedures come in: the BBL and Sculptra butt lift, both of which specialize in buttocks toning and sculpting.

Which one is more suitable for you and what advantages do these two have?

Brazilian Butt Lift

Now first and foremost: no, the name of this procedure doesn’t have much to do with the nation of Brazil or its inhabitants. In fact, the only connection it does have to the country is that there was a fat transfer treatment performed on American television and the person being treated happened to have been from Brazil.

But they could have been from literally anywhere else in the world and they still would have seen some amazing results following the treatment. The treatment successfully transferred excess fat from less desirable areas and put it back into places where it’s a lot more appreciated; specifically the butt.

And when I say fat transfer, I quite literally mean fat transfer. Fat is generally a very important part of your body. You need it to store your energy and without it, you simply wouldn’t be able to function. But too much fat in certain areas can be more obstructive than good and it can cause a lot of discomfort, both physical and mental.

Many people complain about feeling self-conscious when they see how certain parts of their body ooze with fat buildup. While there are tons of people who are able to accept themselves for how they look, which is a phenomenal feat, many people simply can’t live with a double chin or big love handles.

This is the kind of fat you can live without and it’s also aesthetically pleasing for many people to get rid of it. The fat clumps are extracted from various areas of your body, anywhere from the tummy, hips, and back to thighs. So, you can get a pretty good amount of fat transfer.

Once the fat is extracted, it is then transferred to your buttocks, where it can serve a much more useful purpose of accentuating the curvature of your body. That’s the best part about this treatment: it works on two fronts. It first gets rid of unnecessary fat but instead of just wasting it, it puts that fat to good use and tones your body, adding a bit of extra robustness to the posterior.

A great treatment for not just getting that beautifully round and curvy butt, but for getting rid of some extra fat on the side and transferring it to a part of the body where you’ll appreciate it more.

Sculptra Butt Lift

The Sculptra butt lift is a very specialized treatment. It’s specialty, as the name implies, is to give a better shape to your butt and lift it up, causing it to look more attractive.

Every part of our body has a very distinct shape with its own set of contours and edges, from the face right down to your legs. As does the posterior, which like the face, has its own type of volume that can be depleted over time. Volume is the shape of any part of the body that gives it extra character, as well as that firmness that comes with young, supple skin.

But as years go by, skin gets naturally saggy and a lot of volume is lost. And not just on the face; on pretty much most of the body. So, this is where the Sculptra compound comes in. Similar to dermal fillers’ ability to restore volume and shape the face, the Sculptra butt lift can do the same for the buttocks. And butts aren’t just about being big and round. There are distinct shapes that need to be taken into account in order to make the posterior look as naturally big as possible. You don’t want to simply inject it with some compound and watch as it just gets bigger.

You need to preserve its distinct shape and structure, which makes it look so much more naturally firm. And no other compound can accomplish this better than Sculptra, thanks to the smart engineering that went into creating the compound itself.

And Where to Look

If you live in a big city, chances are you can find a ton of different clinics which will have these two treatments on their roster. Considering the major trend in having a full butt, it’s no secret that many people opt for cosmetic procedures to give them the buttocks that nature didn’t.

And if you live in NYC, then you’re in luck because you can go straight to the heart of Manhattan to the MiracleFace MedSpa and experience top-tier cosmetic treatment with their Ivy-League trained professionals.

Their work ethic is no joke, as countless clients on the internet can prove to you with their positive testimonials. And with Sculptra butt lift being one of their big treatments at the moment, you can find some amazing deals by just taking a minute or two to visit their website.


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Hair Care Routine Guide by Bishops in Charlotte, North Carolina

Creating a perfect hair routine that will provide you with a unique appearance is essential for both men and women. However, establishing it depends on various factors, from the styles you prefer to your hair’s nature and feel.

Numerous factors may determine how you should care for your strands, which depends on your preferences and fashion statement, among other things.

It is vital to check here to understand more about conditioners.

We can differentiate various hair types, including coarse, thick and fine. However, the four of them are essential such as kinky, curly, wavy, and straight. Each option features advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, straight hair will feel greaser compared with curly because the oil will spread faster. The routine also depends on whether you have chemically processed, dyed, or bleached your hair.

If you used chemical treatments, you should implement a proper routine that will not interfere with your results.

Therefore, people with dyed hair should not wash it daily to prevent dryness and color fading issues. Simultaneously, having bleached hair means that you should use specific masks and conditioners for additional nourishment.

Finally, it depends on your preferences, because you may prefer to straighten your hair, leave it as it is or curl it. In case you are using damaging heat tools, you should adopt a routine that will prevent excess dryness.

By knowing what you wish to accomplish, you will understand the best course of action. Still, a routine comes with particular components you should remember before you make up your mind.

Essential Hair Care Routine

  • Cleansing – The first thing you should remember is that clean hair is beautiful, which is a fact. Therefore, you should remove product residue and dead skin trapped inside without affecting natural oils that will keep it protected. In case you decide to avoid proper cleansing, sebum production will increase, leaving it grease and unappealing. Since skin renews itself every four weeks, you should remove it unless you wish to leave it, leading to severe issues. Finally, if you enjoy swimming daily, we recommend you wear a swimming cap or wash it daily using natural shampoos. Generally, chlorine on your locks can cause further damage.
  • Conditioning – Apart from cleansing your hair by using natural products that come with numerous essential ingredients, you should know that conditioning is also crucial in the long run. The main benefit you will get from a conditioner is moisturizing, frizz reduction, shininess and detangling among other things. A cationic surfactant will stick to wet strands, which will replenish natural oils removed by a shampoo you used.
  • Sealing and Moisturizing – For additional hydration that will improve your hair’s aesthetical appeal, you should start with sealing and moisturizing, which is a two-step process that will provide you an extra shine.This particular process is crucial for types that tend to get dry, such as kinky. The main idea is to prevent dryness by using sealing oil and hydrating products to lock moisture inside to ensure a shine.
  • Detangling – If you wish to prevent unnecessary breakage that will affect your life and reduce enjoyment and appearance, you should use proper tools to help you out with the process. We are talking about combs that will not pull your hair as a result, which is why you should get a wide-tooth option for the best results. Everything depends on your strand type, but you should do it daily to prevent potential issues.
  • Protecting and Styling – You can find numerous tools available on the market that will help you style your hair in any way you prefer. The most common ones include gels and volumizers, among others. If you frequently use the dryer or other heating tools, we recommend using a heat protection spray that will keep moisture and natural oils from vanishing during a process.
  • Spot Treating – This particular procedure means that you will be able to remedy a single area that bothers you to prevent potential issues from happening. For instance, you may implement a protein treatment that will reduce frizz issues. On the other hand, if you have a dry scalp, you can implement a nourishing agent for that area.

Visit this link: to learn everything about natural care. 

Tools and Products You Should Use

Conditioning and Cleansing

  • Clarifying Shampoo – This particular cleanser type is deep working, which means that it effectively removes excess dirt and buildup from your hair. However, you should avoid using it frequently, but only once a month, because it can affect your natural oil production.
  • Daily Shampoo – When it comes to daily options, these formulas can help you prevent problems daily. Even though the name suggests that you can use it as frequently as possible, we recommend avoiding it each day.
  • Rinse-Out Conditioner – This particular conditioning formula is the one you can rinse in a matter of minutes. You should apply it on ends and middle strands because it may lead to excess grease if you place it on the root.
  • Deep Conditioner – If you wish to achieve perfect hydration, we recommend you get a deep conditioner. It is excellent for dry types, but you should leave it for a while before washing it out to get the best results.
  • Leave-In – This particular option will offer you additional nourishment because you do not have to rinse it out the same way as other products.

Sealing and Moisturizing

  • Oil – If you wish to get oil, we recommend choosing the one based on your hair type. A highly effective solution will strengthen strands, lock in moisture and enhance the natural appearance.
  • Lotion – As soon as you finish with conditioning and cleansing, you can use a cream-based lotion that will provide you additional protection against dryness and breakage.

You should check out the Bishops in Charlotte NC official website to learn more about different styling methods you can implement.


  • Brush – You should know how to find the brush type that will meet your need and requirements. Generally, some of them are hard on hair, which is why you should choose a plastic option. Avoid brushing it too frequently, especially since once a day is enough.
  • Comb – Wet hair is prone to breakage when you use a brush, which is why you should use a wide-tooth comb to prevent potential damage.

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The “Undo” Button for Fillers

The surgical care that goes into each and every dermal filler session is unquestionable. Cosmetic specialists spend many years studying and training to become the absolute best at their profession, not only for the sake of becoming better specialists in their field, but also to make sure that every procedure is performed without a single error.

Which is why it’s extremely rare for anything to go wrong during a dermal filler injection, or any other cosmetic treatment. But human error will always be there. Even the best doctors are prone to mistakes once in a while. You shouldn’t really be worried, since these digressions are far from being common. In the off chance that an error does occur or maybe you’re just not satisfied with the results of your filler injections, there’s a medicine called “Hyaluronidase” which fixes everything.

What It Does

Hyaluronidase acts as an extra safety net. Simply because it exists, doesn’t mean that injectors are going to be any less careful during the procedure. It just means that if by any chance a mistake is made or you’re not absolutely satisfied, there’s a way around it. Think of it as an “undo” button for dermal fillers.

Imagine it’s the first time you’re getting a filler injection. You’ve thought about getting it for some time and finally mustered up the confidence to give it a try. After your consultation you finally decide which area needs to be treated, with how much filler is going to be used and what the results need to look like. But due to the inexperience of the practitioner, the results look ok, but not as good as you’d like them to be.

In most cases of unsatisfying results, this is the case. It’s not that the results are going to look bad (they almost never do), but they’re just not exactly what you were hoping for. What’s the point of a facial augmentation, when you don’t get the perfect appearance that you asked for?

Hyaluronidase picks up the slack and fixes whatever problems you may have. The results came out asymmetrical, with the filler being lopsided? Hyaluronidase can fix that by balancing the two areas. Was a little extra filler injected? No problem, you can easily dissolve it away. Did you regret getting a filler injection entirely. Again, Hyaluronidase is a great way to go back to square one.

So whether it’s fixing up a bit of filler, or getting rid of it entirely, Hyaluronidase is up for the task.

How Fast It Works

Time is crucial when fixing up the results after a filler treatment. You don’t want to be walking around with a face that you’re not happy with because of the injections. The fix has to be swift and effective, to make sure that you spend as little time with the undesired results as possible. But at the same time, you don’t want to spend days or weeks at home, waiting for the filler to get fixed or removed.

You’d be happy to hear that Hyaluronidase works really fast. After being injected with it, you can expect it to take care of the mistakes and dissolve the gel within a day. There are very few treatments out there which can boast visible results within the first week, let alone a couple hours.

But Hyaluronidase acts rapidly to make sure that you can return to your normal life. Regardless of what happens after the filler treatment, nothing will hold you back.

Where You Can Find Hyaluronidase

There are lots of cosmetic centers out there that offer Hyaluronidase injections. As previously mentioned, the enzyme allows for doctors to finetune the aftercare of filler treatments or undo the changes completely. This makes Hyaluronidase a very useful tool and a staple at many modern cosmetic clinics.

If you’re in a hurry to dissolve unwanted filler, try contacting the place you were initially treated at. Since you’re already somewhat familiar with them, you won’t have to do extra research on their prices, how they work or where they’re located. However, if you’re not in a rush and are willing to put a little more time into finding a different cosmetic center, then you’ll need to look around your local area.

Living in a big city like NYC gives you a huge advantage. There are many places that operate from major metropolitan areas and offer Hyaluronidase for great prices. Skinly Aesthetics, one of NYC’s leading cosmetic centers, has great deals on Hyaluronidase and can fix whatever problem you have with the results of your treatment.

Since the dissolver works so fast, you won’t have to worry too much about planning the schedule of your visit. You can sign up for an appointment, visit the cosmetic center to get treated with Hyaluronidase and have the filler dissolved the very next day.

A Quick Solution to a Big Problem

Again, you shouldn’t go to your next filler session expecting the worst. That’s not what Hyaluronidase is there for. Dermal filler injections are still one of the safest cosmetic procedures on the market and very rarely are patients unhappy with their results. Doctors make sure that you understand exactly what to anticipate after the treatment is finished.

But as with anything else, some things can go wrong, and they seldom do. Even in the rare case of a patient being unhappy with the final results, Hyaluronidase is there to help. It’s as safe as the filler itself, as it carefully dissolves through the excess hyaluronic acid and fixes any undesired effect. Modern medicine has granted us a lot of control over our bodies and what we do to them. Hyaluronidase extends this control and allows for dermal filler outcomes to be far more precise than ever before.

If you’re not quite satisfied with what you see in the mirror after hyaluronic acid filler injections, consult your cosmetic specialist or doctor about Hyaluronidase.

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How to Find the Best Hair Salon

Taking care of your hair is obviously very important, and you will want to make sure that you go to a reputable hair salon to get your hair styled and cut. There are plenty of hair salons in Fulham, so it’s important that you check their website and go through a few reviews to ensure that the barbers at the salon are experienced and know what they are doing. Depending on the length of your hair, a number of hair styles can be chosen, such as:

  • The classic afro
  • Braids
  • Cross-weave

A good afro can really bring your personality out. But, if you are looking for a decent afro hair salon in Fulham, it’s important that you do your due diligence and narrow down your options. Here are a few tips to help you find the best hair salon.

Check Their Website

The best way to narrow down your options is to check the hair salon’s website. It will give you a better idea about the kind of hair styles they are able to do and also give you a better idea about the qualifications and experience of their hairdressers. Keep in mind that afros don’t come inexpensive, so a good hair salon is going to charge a decent amount of money.

Ask for References

Do you know someone in your social circle who recently had an afro haircut? You might want to get in touch with them and ask them where they got it from. Getting a few references will reassure you that your hairstyle will not be a botched job!

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Best Ways to Remove Pubic Hair with Minimal Pain

Whether you love it or hate it, remove it or leave it, the lady garden keeps growing. Some prefer to grow as nature intended to safeguard against friction as well for hygiene purposes. However, most of the women love the clean and silky-smooth skin and keep exploring how to remove vaginal hair.

Some numerous techniques and products make it easy to get rid of pubic hair. However, when it comes to removing pubic hair, pain is the first thought that comes to your mind. If you are one of those who want to hack off your vaginal hair, here are some ways with minimal pain-

  • Shaving- This is a comparatively pain-free method and is safe for all hair and skin types. This process involves cutting hair off at the skin’s surface by using clippers/blades. Manual razors and electric trimmers are available that give you hairless body parts. However, this method gives short term results. Also, you might face razor burns and excessive itching after shaving pubic hair, which can be uncomfortable. While shaving always uses sharp razors. Use single strokes in the direction of the hair growth, keep your razors clean, and lubricate the skin with shaving gels or oil. Also, applying moisturizing creams can help lessen itching and razor burn.
  • Waxing -If you prefer to keep hair growth at bay, waxing is the most preferred way. But this method needs a higher pain tolerance. Waxing is perhaps the most popular hair removal method that removes pubic hair from the root without damaging the skin. A hot wax method is very effective, as it opens the pores and helps get rid of hair with minimal pain. Waxing strips is another easy and less messy way to get the smooth bikini line. Pre-waxed and ready-to-use strips can be used easily. Just rub the strips and separate the layers of the strips. Apply it on the pubic area, hold the skin tight, and quickly rip the strip against the direction of hair growth. Wax strips are pretty inexpensive and they get the job done safely, quickly, and easily. Also, waxing strips cause the least discomfort. You can also choose waxing strips according to your skin type.
  • Hair removal creams- Cream is a pretty simple hair removal solution with minimal pain. Depilatory creams work by dissolving the hair at the skin’s surface level. This faster, less messy process of applying hair removal creams and then just wiping off it to get smooth, silky skin is quite popular nowadays. Just follow instructions on the pack. Different brands offer creams according to skin types. So, choose the one that suits your skin type.

Removing pubic hair is certainly a delicate affair. Choose the technique and hair removal products depending on your skin type and get extra smooth bikini line with minimal pain now.

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Natural And Powerful Ingredients Of Younique 3D+ Mascara That Gives You Glamorous Extensions

Younique 3d+ mascara has become an important part of the beauty kit of women across United States and around the globe with its quality of eyelash extension. When compared with a normal mascara, the fiber lash can help you to get thicker and longer eyelashes that improve your looks and appearance. To put it in simple words, it has come up as a substitute of eyelash extension therapy that is painful and at the same time quite harmful to your eyes as well. Here are some of the features of these fibre lashes that makes them one of the best in the market:

  • The transplanting gel that is used in mascara contains several quality ingredients that are rich in the oxide content and thus helps in the immense growth of your lashes in a more natural manner.
  • It also contains Beeswax that is prepared by the bees and has got some anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties which prevents your lashes from any kind of side-effects. Many of you mull over the fact that the eye-lash extension lose its quality when exposed to the allergic elements but this property helps in avoiding any such scenario. It also has anti-inflammatory property that removes any kind of pain or itching in the lashes after the application of the mascara.
  • It also contains the Stearic acids that helps in softening the eyelashes and thus making it more convenient for you to open and close your eyes. When the lashes are hard, the blinking of eye is not that easy thus it can be a bit problematic and painful for you at the same time.
  • 3-D eyelashes also contain the Iron oxide that helps in achieving the naturally black color of the eyelashes that you all vie for with ease to complement your looks.