Designer Nursery Furniture in 2020

Designer Nursery Furniture

More and more parents are opting to not know the sex of their unborn child. With this, the introduction of a new trend can also be seen, where more parents are embracing unisex and gender neutral rooms and furniture. Even though there are several gender specific trends, the neutral colors seem to be taking the front line this 2020. And when we talk neutral, it’s not the usual yellow pastel, no; it’s colors that can be termed as timeless.

We have compiled some of the top designer nursery furniture that will inspire you as you prepare for your bundle of joy.

Let’s take a look at some of the top 5 ideas:

  1. Gender Neutral

2019 was characterized by a huge popularity of the Hygge trend. And that trend has inspired some boho inspired, gender neutral nursery ideas this year. This trend is fresh and timeless, and very easy to pull off. It involves natural wood and wicker furniture, neutral walls and simple geometric wallpapers. This design can serve your newborn and other siblings to come, without becoming outdated.

  1. Tropical Design

A tropical design is peaceful and playful at the same time. It is also not very gender specific and is great for a neutral nursery. Here you need to invest in modern and vintage natural material furniture. Accessorize the room with some tropical prints and rugs to give it that final touch of awesomeness!

  1. Over the Rainbow

For those who are obsessed with color, this year has not left you out. The rainbow design is just perfect and neutral at the same time. It is a neutral design because it comes with all colors and very easy to pull off. With this design you need to choose white baby and nursery furniture, white curtains and walls. Then decorate the room with all shades adding items like books in all colors, rainbow cushions, frames in acid colors and more.

  1. Planted

Botanical items are not alive but they sure do look like it! This design is great and very easy to maintain considering that you have the look of natural green, yet they are artificial. Choose to go with pale neutral colored walls or white. Throw in some wooden furniture designs and you are good to go! It’s advisable to pick wooden wicker furniture or those that are painted white. Add your child’s initial to an item in the room and you can easily embrace the monogrammed fashion that is trending right now.

  1. Refreshingly Dark

One of the most trending new nursery designs is the use of darker colors. The rocking chair, changing table, bed and other furniture in the room can be in neutral brown shades or pale colors. Then to achieve the effect, you add a statement wall within the room. You can have your walls in black, dark blue, green background or dark large print wallpapers. Go ahead and add some golden accessories to make the room stand out. The good thing about darker nursery designs is that it offers lots of simple ideas for baby and nursery furniture.