The Fast Moving Streetwear Scene

Fast Moving Streetwear Scene

It seems weird, but we are already halfway through the summer of 2016, and, for the streetwear scene, it has already been an interesting season. Most of the brands out there have changed direction a bit, this year, with smarter clothes like shirts and pants finding their way into their ranges. This includes brand leaders like Brixton Clothing UK, who have taken themselves in a new direction for 2016.

Interestingly, despite predictions to the contrary, a marketing move that has worked out really well. Modern consumers still want the baseball cap, big t-shirts, trainers and logo look, but they also like to mix things up a bit more. The watchword for most of today’s streetwear brands is definitely choice.

Fashion trends move faster than ever before

The fact that both fashion and music trends are moving faster than they have ever before is what has driven the need for streetwear brands to diversify their ranges so much. In all parts of the world, what was hot last month is forgotten this month.

The growing role of social media in streetwear trendsetting

The emergence of social media has produced cycles within cycles, with people in different cities, stepping outside of the trend and putting together their own looks. This look is then shared on social media, and is then taken up by pockets of people elsewhere in the world. At the same time, the original trendsetters are busy switching to an entirely different style, and starting a new cycle of change.

This habit means that people need choice when they go shopping for clothes. If a streetwear brand only offers one look, their appeal to modern consumers is too limited and short lived. As a result, in most 2016 lookbooks you will find everything from classic Nike trainers to old-fashioned flat caps and fedoras.

The fact that there is so much choice makes this an interesting time to be a streetwear fan and wearer. It means you are never short of something new to try and wear.