The Sneakers of the Future


Of all types of shoes, sneakers are perhaps the ones that most frequently combine sports performance and high fashion. While some sneaker wearers use them only for running and other athletic applications, others take pride in their beloved kicks, constantly wiping them down, removing the insoles, spraying on the ShoeFresh, and generally doing everything they can to keep their sneakers in the best condition possible. These are the sneaker fashionistas, and there is no doubt that sneakers can be incredibly desirable fashion items.

But these shoes are also working shoes with a definite practical application. And it has been perhaps this aspect that has seen the most innovative technology brought to bear on sneaker design. Sneakers not only need to be supple enough to provide ease of movement and minimal weight, but they also have to be tough enough to contend with heavy athletic use over various terrains. Answering these various needs is that which has driven all sorts of innovation when it comes to their design. Impressively, none of this technology has impacted on the sneaker’s cachet as a fashion item.

The Future

So, what will the sneakers of the future be like? What are the new technological trends that are perfecting their design and their performance? Will sneakers one day come with a built-in foot deodorizer system? Will the material they are composed of shift to something tougher and yet still more lightweight? We cannot answer all these questions, but there is no doubt that sneaker technology is moving forwards – and fast. Here follows some of the most exciting new innovations in sneaker technology. These are – or have the potential to be – the sneakers of the future.

Self-Lacing Technology

In the past, self-tying laces were a novelty item often found in joke shops that were nothing more than elastic strings which curled round themselves when released. Naturally, they didn’t really fasten up the shoe. Nowadays though, new sneaker technology such as Nike Adapt is an authentic remotely controlled self-lacing technology. This not only fastens up a shoe without you having to touch it, but it also does so according to the shape of your foot.

3D Printing

How does 3D printing apply to sneakers? Well, the technology allows for the design of different shoe components to be constructed far more precisely than ever before and in accordance even with specific needs. It is no surprise that Adidas wants to start constructing shoe components such as insoles in this way.

100% Recyclable Sneakers

It’s sad to think of sneakers as trash. But the truth is that we’re not dealing with a pair of paratrooper boots here. All sneakers eventually wear out and, in most cases, do so significantly quicker than other types of shoes. While new technology may well soon make sneakers far more durable, it is also likely that sneakers will become recyclable. New manufacturing processes (like the 3D printing mentioned above) as well as new materials being used seem set to make this a reality.

Smart Training Shoes

For those who use their sneakers for exercise, an exciting new technology will be new ‘smart’ sneakers, which will have the ability to track the wearer’s steps. This technology is familiar to anyone with a Fitbit, but with this technology integrated into the shoes themselves, it has the potential to be far more effective.

Ultimately, as with all new technologies, the sky is really the limit where sneaker tech is concerned. With their continued popularity all but assured, sneaker wearers can expect plenty of high-tech upgrades to come their way in the very near future.