The “Undo” Button for Fillers

“Undo” Button for Fillers

The surgical care that goes into each and every dermal filler session is unquestionable. Cosmetic specialists spend many years studying and training to become the absolute best at their profession, not only for the sake of becoming better specialists in their field, but also to make sure that every procedure is performed without a single error.

Which is why it’s extremely rare for anything to go wrong during a dermal filler injection, or any other cosmetic treatment. But human error will always be there. Even the best doctors are prone to mistakes once in a while. You shouldn’t really be worried, since these digressions are far from being common. In the off chance that an error does occur or maybe you’re just not satisfied with the results of your filler injections, there’s a medicine called “Hyaluronidase” which fixes everything.

What It Does

Hyaluronidase acts as an extra safety net. Simply because it exists, doesn’t mean that injectors are going to be any less careful during the procedure. It just means that if by any chance a mistake is made or you’re not absolutely satisfied, there’s a way around it. Think of it as an “undo” button for dermal fillers.

Imagine it’s the first time you’re getting a filler injection. You’ve thought about getting it for some time and finally mustered up the confidence to give it a try. After your consultation you finally decide which area needs to be treated, with how much filler is going to be used and what the results need to look like. But due to the inexperience of the practitioner, the results look ok, but not as good as you’d like them to be.

In most cases of unsatisfying results, this is the case. It’s not that the results are going to look bad (they almost never do), but they’re just not exactly what you were hoping for. What’s the point of a facial augmentation, when you don’t get the perfect appearance that you asked for?

Hyaluronidase picks up the slack and fixes whatever problems you may have. The results came out asymmetrical, with the filler being lopsided? Hyaluronidase can fix that by balancing the two areas. Was a little extra filler injected? No problem, you can easily dissolve it away. Did you regret getting a filler injection entirely. Again, Hyaluronidase is a great way to go back to square one.

So whether it’s fixing up a bit of filler, or getting rid of it entirely, Hyaluronidase is up for the task.

How Fast It Works

Time is crucial when fixing up the results after a filler treatment. You don’t want to be walking around with a face that you’re not happy with because of the injections. The fix has to be swift and effective, to make sure that you spend as little time with the undesired results as possible. But at the same time, you don’t want to spend days or weeks at home, waiting for the filler to get fixed or removed.

You’d be happy to hear that Hyaluronidase works really fast. After being injected with it, you can expect it to take care of the mistakes and dissolve the gel within a day. There are very few treatments out there which can boast visible results within the first week, let alone a couple hours.

But Hyaluronidase acts rapidly to make sure that you can return to your normal life. Regardless of what happens after the filler treatment, nothing will hold you back.

Where You Can Find Hyaluronidase

There are lots of cosmetic centers out there that offer Hyaluronidase injections. As previously mentioned, the enzyme allows for doctors to finetune the aftercare of filler treatments or undo the changes completely. This makes Hyaluronidase a very useful tool and a staple at many modern cosmetic clinics.

If you’re in a hurry to dissolve unwanted filler, try contacting the place you were initially treated at. Since you’re already somewhat familiar with them, you won’t have to do extra research on their prices, how they work or where they’re located. However, if you’re not in a rush and are willing to put a little more time into finding a different cosmetic center, then you’ll need to look around your local area.

Living in a big city like NYC gives you a huge advantage. There are many places that operate from major metropolitan areas and offer Hyaluronidase for great prices. Skinly Aesthetics, one of NYC’s leading cosmetic centers, has great deals on Hyaluronidase and can fix whatever problem you have with the results of your treatment.

Since the dissolver works so fast, you won’t have to worry too much about planning the schedule of your visit. You can sign up for an appointment, visit the cosmetic center to get treated with Hyaluronidase and have the filler dissolved the very next day.

A Quick Solution to a Big Problem

Again, you shouldn’t go to your next filler session expecting the worst. That’s not what Hyaluronidase is there for. Dermal filler injections are still one of the safest cosmetic procedures on the market and very rarely are patients unhappy with their results. Doctors make sure that you understand exactly what to anticipate after the treatment is finished.

But as with anything else, some things can go wrong, and they seldom do. Even in the rare case of a patient being unhappy with the final results, Hyaluronidase is there to help. It’s as safe as the filler itself, as it carefully dissolves through the excess hyaluronic acid and fixes any undesired effect. Modern medicine has granted us a lot of control over our bodies and what we do to them. Hyaluronidase extends this control and allows for dermal filler outcomes to be far more precise than ever before.

If you’re not quite satisfied with what you see in the mirror after hyaluronic acid filler injections, consult your cosmetic specialist or doctor about Hyaluronidase.