Why civil marriage is a better option?

civil marriage

Marriage is the most critical day in the life, and you can choose how you want to celebrate it. Whether you like a one-day wedding or a long one-week marriage, both have their benefits, and it depends on your likings. These days civil weddings are winning more hearts. Lives are getting busier every passing day, and people are looking for less engaging ceremonies. Traditional marriages are costlier than civil ones. You will need to spend your savings and might have to take loans. But civil weddings will give you relief from this burden.

The fight for a place

Gradually the places of worship are less, and the ones available are full of ceremonies. In such a situation, you have one option, and that is a legal marriage. It will not need any bookings for places of worship. Only an appointment with the authorities and few formalities are essential. You can check Mona Salehi Notaire website to get more tips.


Traditionally marriages will consume weeks from your schedule whereas civil marriages take a day or two. No preparation is necessary and no spending on other things. Only the application and some additional fees make your cost. And if you apply for it well before time, you can save much more time.


In a traditional marriage, you can’t choose the rituals you like. You are in a restriction to go with already set ones. But in a civil marriage apart from a few legal formalities, you are free to perform any ritual you and your partner love.


Expenses are the most significant reason people choose civil marriages. All can’t host a grand ceremony. And for them, legal marriage is the best option. It puts pressure on your budget not only in marriage but also after it. You can’t do anything for the later one but can save on wedding. It is a beautiful practice to save for the future, and for that, you will need to track your expenses, and everyone knows how costly marriages are. Some people spend lakhs on a marriage ceremony, that money can be a significant investment if used properly.


Being a social gathering, you can’t attend a traditional marriage in any dress you like. Knowingly or unknowingly society has set a dress code for weddings. But in legal marriage, nothing more than a decent-looking attire is necessary. You don’t have to go shopping and spend hours in malls. It would help if you had a good suit, and for the girl, a delicate dress, and this is all. No one will judge you or give you weird looks if you are not wearing a wedding gown.

The need of the hour

During the time of the pandemic, it is necessary. It would be best if you neither held nor be a part of social gathering. Social distancing and less physical contact are features of civil marriages. And it is the reason many people are looking at it as an option during these tough times.