Why Non-Toxic Nail Polish Is the Right Pick For Your Nails?

Nail Polish

Did you see how fast non-toxic and clean nail polish brands are gaining momentum in this competitive market? It is not their marketing strategy that puts them in the top spot, but their nail polish sets and in this sense, you ought to look into this matter. The time has come for you to change your nail polish sets and get something natural. Do some brands pour cheap chemicals into ordinary nail polishes to make them more glossy and durable? But chemicals can’t be without consequences, so who pays the ultimate price? Of course, users like yourself. In hindsight, users did not have a lot of options back then until now. So, we will tell you why you need to shift to non-toxic nail polish from the toxic ones you already use.

What is the meaning of non-toxic nail polish?

As simple as it sounds, non-toxic means free of chemical interference, action and reactions; therefore, non-toxic nail polishes are non-chemical. But anyone may think that nail polishes can’t be fully natural or won’t be called nail polish anymore. Surely, that is a legit fact but you cannot deny the contribution of technology in beauty products. We have seen make-ups, moisturizers and creams created from herbs alone; nail polishes can be natural, too. Nail polish dates back to the days of the pharaohs in Egypt; nail paints were made with natural ingredients only and they were far more durable than what we have today. If we go back to our old roots, what’s the problem? Well, non-toxic nail polish is better and does not damage or chip the nails after removal.

Nail polish many people use may contain the following chemicals

The following are the most dangerous chemicals used in gel nail polish; avoid these products at all costs:

Formaldehyde: Used in various nail polishes and recognized for its preservation qualities, formaldehyde has been linked to health issues.

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP): A plasticizer used in nail polish to increase flexibility, DBP has been phased out by many nail polish firms due to possible health hazards, including reproductive difficulties.

Toluene is a chemical that aids in producing a polished appearance. However, it has been connected to problems with the brain and respiratory systems.

Some nail polishes contain camphor to give them a glossy appearance. However, this can result in allergic reactions and skin irritation. Therefore, always choose the most natural nail polish and your nails will appreciate it.

What is the best non-toxic nail polish brand and product?

What is becoming everyone’s new favourite right now? It is none other than the OYAFUN peel-off nail polish and it is natural, glossy and healthier for the nails. The brand has some more natural nail polish sets that do not damage the nails. When it comes to colours, you would be surprised to learn that OYAFUN’s healthy nail colour does not have any artificial colours in it. The best thing about this product is its flexibility; you can apply and remove this polish effortlessly without using any chemicals.

The choices are all yours, but if you truly cherish your nails, you will never use toxic nail polish again and will embrace the most natural polish available in the market.